Beet Puree

The rich colour, sweet taste and highly beneficial nutrient content of beets are easy to consume in this puree.

There's no beating the beet!

Beets contain fiber and potassium and are an excellent source of folate. Researchers believe the red pigment (called betacyanin) in beets could protect against development of cancerous cells and might play a role in reducing the inflammation associated with heart disease.

Napoleon made the vegetable famous in 19th-century France by capitalizing on the beet’s high sugar content - among the highest of all vegetables - and creating hundreds of refined sugar mills.



Pureed beets add deep, healthy colour and sweetness to smoothies and other beverages. Cakes, muffins and other baked goods especially chocolate recipes will be moist and have a healthy boost from pureed beets. Soups, sauces and dips are more opportunities to leverage the nutrition, colour and flavour of pureed beets.

Pictured: Chocolate Cake

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