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The trend of simple foods and ingredient lists is an old concept that is becoming new again. Research suggests that today’s consumers want simple food labels with words they recognize; the fewer and fresher the ingredients the better. Canadian Prairie Garden (CPG) believes in keeping its products pure and simple. Each product is just one ingredient with no additives or preservatives. Based on customer preferences, CPG is thrilled to share with you its launch of four new purees, plus a new line of organics.

First up is celery. I always have celery on hand as a raw snack. I love its crisp texture and I also use it as one of the base ingredients in my homemade chicken soup. But I hadn’t thought much about it as a puree – until now! This new puree on the block is working its magic together with CPG’s pureed carrots and onions as a speedy way to the mirepoix base for soups and sauces. And it is a star on the popular vegetable cocktail beverage scene.

Next is the leafy vegetable I have finally learned to like! Raw kale, known for its bitter taste, was not a favourite of mine until I started marinating it in a mixture of lime juice and rice vinegar for two hours prior to adding to salads. CPG’s clients are excited about this new puree because it maintains its vibrant green colour and flavour due to CPG’s state-of-the-art processing technique. It’s quickly becoming a fan favourite for clients who are incorporating it into dips (refer to recipe at end of the blog), casseroles and soups.

Quinoa is one of my much-loved seeds because of its versatility. Often people use it more like a grain, such as oats and barley. It’s gluten-free and is an excellent protein source compared to other plants. You are the first to hear about CPG’s pureed quinoa! This new ingredient is being tested in gluten-free pastas, hummus and dips. And what is deliciously stirring is its functionality in smoothies.

Similar to celery, I don’t often think about pureeing zucchini alone. It is one of those vegetables that I have in the fridge to add to stir-fries or shred into muffins or bread. Again, you’re the first to hear about the pureed zucchini from CPG, as it is still in the experimentation stage. Some of CPG’s tasty product development projects include health forward chilled soups and a variety of quiches.

CPG has always used only non-GMO fresh ingredients. Now they are introducing a line of organics to respond to client demand for soups, baby foods, hummus and dips. The most popular puree to date has been the organic chickpea puree (refer to recipe at the end of this blog). Stay tuned for more organic purees on the way.

With CPG’s delicious new purees available today, try whipping up the following dip recipe for your next corporate event or trade show. It will leave everyone asking for more!

Recipe – Chickpea, Kale & Artichoke Dip with Feta Cheese
This delicious, simple, two-step recipe was created by Chef John Placko, Culinary Director of Modern Culinary Academy and Culinary Consultant to Canadian Prairie Garden (CPG)

Makes approximately 1 kg of dip (Serves 20 to 25 portions)
The dip can be served cold or hot

Step One – Ingredients
20g olive oil
100g mayonnaise
100g cream
25g lemon juice
Pinch pepper – black, ground
3g salt
2g garlic puree

Step One – Directions
In the food processor, blend the first 7 ingredients until combined for the creamy dip base.

Step Two – Ingredients
550g CPG chickpea puree
200g CPG kale puree
60g artichoke chopped coarsely
50g feta, crumbled

Step Two – Directions
In the food processor, add the 4 ingredients above to the creamy dip base and mix until evenly combined. Refrigerate overnight for the flavours to mellow and combine well.

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