Purees – Extraordinary

A new entrant to the aseptic fruit & veg puree market is hoping to disrupt the category by using a proprietary rapid steam infusion process it claims can produce products of unparalleled quality that retain the color, flavor and nutrient levels of the raw materials.

Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Inc. captures the wholesomeness, color, delicious flavors and nutrition of our fresh, locally grown raw produce. These purees are, in a word, extraordinary.

THE INGREDIENTS: We use only non-GMO fresh ingredients. These ingredients are sourced primarily from the pristine growing area of the southwestern quadrant of Manitoba. This geographic zone is known for its nutrient rich chernozemic soils, its diurnal effect of long warm days and evenings followed by cool nights during the growing season. There is always a readily available clean water supply from nearby Lake Manitoba. Growers in this area employ the most advanced growing practices and operate high tech storage facilities.

THE PROCESS: Our direct steam injection cooking process, in 4-20 seconds at ultra high temperatures, efficiently and effectively kills microbes while preserving the delicious fresh flavors, bright colors and nutrients of garden fresh, raw produce.

THE PACKAGING: Aseptic packaging is the final step in processing Prairie Garden Purees. This packaging enables transportation and storage at ambient temperature (below 27C/80F without freezing) and long-term storage (24 months) without refrigeration or freezing… great enablers for our customers. Shelf life of our products once opened is 7 days in refrigerated storage.

FORMATS: Aseptic Pouches (10kg/22lbs), Drums (240kg/528lbs), Totes (1300kg/2860lbs).

APPLICATIONS: Prairie Garden Purees are fully processed, rich in nutrients and flavor, and ready for immediate use in:

  • Soups
  • Baby foods
  • Smoothies and other Beverages
  • Hummus and Dips
  • Baked Goods and Desserts
  • Mixed dishes and entrees including pasta enhancements and meatless alternative options
  • Yogurt pairings
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Specialized adult nutrition purees


Purees - Extraordinary

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