Processing – Transformative

A new entrant to the aseptic fruit & veg puree market is hoping to disrupt the category by using a proprietary rapid steam infusion process it claims can produce products of unparalleled quality that retain the color, flavor and nutrient levels of the raw materials.

CPGP_BROCHURE_FINAL_2d.inddAdvantages of our Direct Steam Injection – Continuous Flow Process

  • Hygienic, enclosed system from grinding of raw ingredients to aseptic packaging of finished purees;
  • Cook time of 4-20 seconds utilizing the high temperature of direct steam injection;
  • Extremely effective destruction of microbes with minimal damage to cell structure of the vegetable, legume or berry ingredients;
  • No scorching of puree which can occur with other cook methods;
  • No paddle agitation as in kettle cooking so integrity of cell structure for the puree is maintained;
  • Gentle but highly effective cooking process results in retention of flavors, colors and nutrients;
  • Consistency of finished product greatly enhanced vs batch cooking;
  • Significant reduction in water usage vs other processing methods;
  • Aseptic packaging enables ambient temperature storage and transportation;
  • Shelf life of 24 months in ambient temperature storage conditions and a full 7 days of shelf life once package is opened and kept refrigerated.

Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products Inc. has secured exclusivity to this Transformational Process.

Purees - Extraordinary

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